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7 Belief systems – Knowledge and/vs Power

24 November 2015


Recently, I suddenly wondered why I didn’t include Power as an 8th Belief system as several of the 7 Belief systems are very much related to Power (eg, Money, Politics, Religion, Science). The ultimate answer is that Power is worth killing for but not – and by definition – worth dying for. The ultimate goal of Power is to retain power. Given our limited lifespan, ruling dynasties will thus emerge.

In any Belief system, there are people who join that Belief system for ulterior motives – usually Power. Politics is the best example. Nowadays, many of us are so disappointed in politicians as we don’t know where they really stand for – apart from Power. In my view, the success of the HBO series “House of Cards” (9,0 in IMDb) represents this fundamental shift in our view on Politics. It’s merely a game of Power in which the means (eg, murder) justify the end.

With hindsight I even think that my recent blog on “Daesh vs SPECTRE” has a similar background. Somehow, I’m convinced that a criminal mastermind is using a radical religious group for his own quest for Power. The back-office is criminal while the front-office has a religious signature.

My blogs on Science as a Belief system (eg, 12 March and 3 May 2015) already mentioned that scientific ideas are often (mis)used for other purposes – and often relating to Power.

In my 26 August 2015 blog, I should have mentioned that Knowledge – rather than facts – is in the middle of the 7 Belief systems: Love, Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science and the Truth.

And I forgot something essential. Power is also in the middle of the 7 Belief systems. The reason is very simple: Knowledge = Power but both are also each other’s archenemies.

Once in Power then Knowledge soon becomes a threat to the ones in Power and eradicating Knowledge justifies the end (eg,Cultural Revolution in China).

Similarly, accumulating Knowledge will bring Power – sooner or later. Yet, Power is like a drug. Once you know it, you want more.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a men’s character, give him power. Quote by Abraham Lincoln

The power of love. A force from above. Cleaning my soul. Flame on burn desire. Love with tongues of fire. Purge the soul. Make love your goal. Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The Power Of Love (1984) – artists, lyrics, Wiki 


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