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What if dreams come true

11 September 2015


This week I achieved a milestone in the online game I’m playing. Never really expected to ever reach that milestone. Now I’ve passed it already by nearly 20%. I’ve no clue what new milestone I should set. I continue playing as I like that game. Nevertheless, what to do when dreams come true?

I would like to quit my online game but it’s addictive. Highly addictive. Moreover, what’s the alternative? Writing more blogs? Writing a book? Nowadays, I use the game for leisure and also I minimise spending time there. Still it takes me some 2 hours each day which is far less than what it used to be. I did reduce watching TV but its lousy programming is another reason.

I’m still struggling whether I should set a new goal in my game or just quit. Perhaps I should focus on another – retirement – dream: a small self-sustaining hacienda on the island of Sicily. Or a small beach house along the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. Such dreams keep us motivated to go forward in life rather than use its rear view mirror and complain, feel sorry for ourselves and nag to others.

But what if all dreams come true? What’s next?

Perhaps our individual compass in life will provide the answer. Some will be disappointed. Others will enjoy. I think and feel that I’m afraid that it would be “over and out” once I stop dreaming. Hence, my mind is always busy and often even in overdrive. The interconnectedness of ‘everything’ is one of my favourites to contemplate about.

Perhaps new dreams will come along the way. I would like that. Sometimes new dreams occur to me while reading or watching a movie. The most recent one is still on my mind and came to me while watching the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (IMDb). I’m convinced that personal care for the elderly will ‘soon’ be too expensive in Europe given existing short supply of labour and resulting high salaries/wages. It’s feasible however to use cost-of-living arbitrage and provide comfortable foreign low-cost solutions for the European elderly. Also see my May 19 blog. That dream may however be for others to fulfil. Hence my repeated mentioning of it.

Perhaps it even makes sense that it’s “over & out” when all dreams have come true. How would we feel to be left with unfulfilled dreams once it’s time to go?? So we end up with a fragile balance of fulfilling our dreams and making sure that there will be new ones to still motivate us going forward.

Fulfilling our dreams is necessary to avoid regretting not having lived our life to its full potential. Dreams are necessary to motivate ourselves to continue living our life. Some dreams are even larger than individual human mortality. Others will then continue fulfilling that dream. As Martin Luther King once said: I have a Dream. (Wiki)

I may not like my dreams at night but I sure like to have and fulfil my – daylight – dreams. It makes me feel alive and kicking. It’s better to burn out than to fade away. Neil Young

Dreams (1977) by Fleetwood Mac (artistslyrics, Wikipedia)

Alive and Kicking (1985) by the Simple Minds (artists, lyrics, Wikipedia)

Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) (1979) by Neil Young (artistlyricsvideoWikipedia)


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