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The “big-bang” versus the “growing earth, growing universe” theory – part 3

11 March 2015


One of my Kenyan friends is into the Lord and not a tiny little bit. Her response to my draft blogs on the “big bang” theory versus the “growing earth, growing universe” theory was full of Bible references. I told her that I somehow see a conversion between the Bible (Genesis 1:1 – in the beginning there was nothing except God) and both scientific theories which also assume that there may have been nothing when the universe originated. Such a conversion is somehow funny as religion and science have not been each other’s best friend for many centuries.

I am a firm believer that government, religion and science should be separate. Religion provides a moral compass to humanity. Science allows us to use our talents in the interests of current and future humanity. Government is there to provide basic human values such as equality, freedom, justice, and safety/security. Government, religion and science also provide checks & balances towards each other.

Control of one over the others (e.g., religion over science and government OR government over science and religion OR science over religion and government) has never brought – and will never bring – anything good. Yet there will always be (human inflicted) pressure for one to dominate.

Let’s suppose that scientists will one day prove that there was nothing at the moment our universe originated. Would they then take the logical next step? Proving or disproving Genesis 1:1 that there is a God?

Politics, religion and science have one thing in common: belief in the validity of your ideas. Actually that one common ground may even drive them apart as they are all competing with each other to find people that are interested in converting to their beliefs.

Politics, religion and science are an integral part of my life. To me they form a triangle that balance my life. Facts are the common ground for politics, religion and science.

I haven’t been able to find a corresponding picture on the internet and thus I made one myself:

The further people are outside the triangle in one of the 3 directions, the more extreme their beliefs. Belief systems is a topic that will be continued in my next blogs.


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