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Forever labor shortage

It has been quite a while that I used external articles for my blogs. This Axios Macro article deserves my exception. I believe in the validity of its contents. Actually, I’m glad that its full impact will (probably) be after my demise. I’m one of the reasons why...

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The benefit of the doubt: who, when & why

My topic appears simple until you start wondering about the who, the when and the why. We do not give our benefit of the doubt to all (who), or always (when), or reasoned (why). If so then how do we decide on giving someone the benefit of our doubt?? Several weeks...

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Will Tory incompetence transfer to Labour?

The incompetence of UK Conservatives (a.k.a. Tories) has been severely penalised after their chaotic reign of 14 years (2010-2024). However, incompetence seems to be a British rather than a Tory attitude. Hence, the question in my blog title. Also see my related blogs...

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Tunnel vision

Recently, I viewed some (police) detective TV show and suddenly wondered if we all suffer from a tunnel vision in our lives: “a tendency to think only about one thing and to ignore everything else”. The aforementioned Brittanica description suggests that we do indeed....

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Why do we sabotage our own success?

My blog title has been borrowed from a recent article in the online magazine Aeon. I did wonder about this question as well, given some of my actions. In my early 2022 blog Self-sabotaging, I had assumed that self-sabotage was about conscious versus subconscious. The...

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Absolute immunity for Joe Biden

Most articles claim that Donald Trump has won following the recent SCOTUS verdict about (near) absolute immunity for (former) US presidents. That would only be true if Joe Biden would not use this verdict to his advantage. SCOTUS has also given Joe Biden a near...

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Is decoupling causing supply-side inflation?

A recent Bloomberg article is responsible for the question in my blog title: China Premier Warns Decoupling Will Lead to ‘Destructive Spiral’. My 2 April 2024 blog questioned a related topic: Inflation: from supply-side to demand-side? Like my 4 April 2023 blog, I...

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Need for Speed

During my second sleep of last Tuesday night, I became convinced that I had an unfinished blog, called Need for Speed. That was it. No further words. No idea about its contents. I decided to wake up early and started writing the first paragraph of this blog. Later...

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