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Stagflation versus inflation

It was inevitable that inflation would also occur in the consumer price index (CPI). Before, it caused substantial price increases in assets (eg, houses). Remarkably, asset price inflation is typically viewed as a (paper) profit rather than as inflation. To a large...

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The positive power of negativity

Some time ago, I noticed a Dutch article on a 2019 book by psychologist Roy Baumeister and journalist John Tierney: The Power of Bad: How the Negativity Effect Rules Us and How We Can Rule It (publisher). The book is recommended by psychologist Martin Seligman, a guru...

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Our notion of Time

Last Monday night, two peculiar thoughts entered my mind just before I dozed off: (i) how can the human notion of Time be relevant in the rest of the Universe? (ii) if our notion of Time is unequivocal then why have many calendars a different starting date? More and...

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Common sense, ignorance, stupidity and wisdom

For some months, I've been struggling in my mind how to connect four (4) seemingly different concepts: common sense, ignorance, stupidity, and wisdom. Recently, a conversation and discussion with a new friend offered some relief. She is still digesting the results of...

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Last weekend, I asked her whether she was self-sabotaging us. She said no. I asked if she was sure about that. She started doubting but still declined. I recall that I was self-sabotaging in my past and I thought that I recognised that behaviour in her. It doesn't...

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The big-small principle

The big-small principle is my invention of many, many years ago. My principle works as follows: people who inflate their ego (eg, through arrogance) will often look petty and/or shallow in the eyes of others. Similarly, people who express humility to others, may...

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Interconnectedness (4)

My recent blog, the connection that men and women are looking for, made me wonder about connections (eg, how, what). In my view, everything is connected; a.k.a. interconnectedness. A micro perspective may refer to the Third Law of Motion by Isaac Newton: "for every...

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Does the end justify the means?

A recent Washington Post article - Russia blocks U.N. move to treat climate change as a global security threat - triggered the above question. Like Russia, I do not believe that climate change is a global security threat. First and foremost, it's a geological...

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