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Appreciation vs gratitude

Last week, I read a beautiful AP article on the writer's appreciation for Bill Russell. As a European, I had never heard of the late Bill Russell (1934-2022), an American basketball player and coach. The word appreciation triggered my curiosity though, and my...

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‘Why are my beliefs different?’

Recently, I noticed the above question in a Guardian article. Beliefs are unknown knowns: we know that we do not know but we still believe. This definition does, however, neither answer nor change the nature of the question above. Example: our individual beliefs about...

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It’s stopped making sense (Axios)

Axios Markets title: It's stopped making sense By: Felix Salmon Date: 30 July 2022 "There's an air of unreality to the news these days — one perfectly in keeping with the "nobody knows anything" vibe that arrived with the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and never really...

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Global housing meltdown (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Global meltdown (via email)By: Alice Kantor Date: 2 August 2022 "Housing slowdown? Try a possible global meltdown. As economies flash recession signals, cracks are forming in housing markets that surged in the first years of the pandemic. In New...

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EVs bring fun features… and recalls (Axios)

Axios title: EVs bring fun features... and recalls By: Hope King and Nathan Bomey Date: 29 July 2022 "With Congress potentially poised to recharge a $7,500 federal tax credit to push the sale of more EVs, new buyers may need to prepare for some early...

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Big Tech hit by dollar’s strength (Axios)

Axios Markets title: Big Tech hit by dollar's strength By: Matt Phillips and Emily Peck Date: 1 August 2022 "Big technology companies are reaping the whirlwind of a strong dollar, as the sector becomes an unlikely victim of foreign exchange volatility, Axios' Javier...

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From Hanseatic League to ‘Friend-Shoring’

On 13 July 2022, the FT published this opinion article: No, the global economy is not breaking into geopolitical blocs. Since 2015, I have been arguing that the world is heading for global city-states and a new Hanseatic League. Terms like 'Friend-Shoring' and...

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Is stupidity the flip side of beliefs?

There is a Dutch saying: "A donkey does not bump into the same stone twice." I didn't see foreign equivalents. An alleged quote by Albert Einstein states: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” The key difference between...

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Judging people

Tuesday last week, several people commented on my draft blog on Parenting. One of them included a nasty judgement about me without even knowing me. We live 2,000+ kilometers away. She claims she is my friend and even her brother. To me, her comment felt as betrayal of...

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Many weeks ago, I noticed an article about raising children that upset me. I deleted it. Recently, I had a conversation with a future mother. Fortunately, ignorance is bliss because future parents might reconsider once they know all. As the saying goes: little...

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