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Top 2000 van 2023

1ABBAEagle (Albumversie)19782The BabysIsn't It Time?19773The Beach BoysGod Only Knows19664The BeatlesThe Long And Winding Road19705BLØFBlauwe Ruis20026Jackson BrowneThe Load Out/Stay (Albumversie)19777Peter Gabriel & Kate BushDon't Give Up19868Lauren DaigleYou...

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I feel nothing

Usually, my intuition sends me a clear message: okay OR stay away. Sometimes, I do not listen to my intuition, and then my feelings get burned subsequently. For some time, there’s someone who doesn’t appear on my intuition radar. I feel nothing. I fail to understand...

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Alter ego

Recently, this topic entered my mind. For days, I was clueless. I was - and still am - not even sure that I believe in this philosophical concept. Moreover, I doubt that most people have an alter ego. My personality has facets but has only one ego. Perhaps, the...

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Sinterklaas, wie kent hem niet

Sinterklaas, wie kent hem niet (1982) door het Goede Doel band, songtekst, video, Wiki-band, Wiki-song Met Pasen denk ik aan Sinterklaas en stuur ik hem een kaart Ik schrijf hem hoe het met me gaat en groet gelijk zijn...

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Does the Universe has a universal time?

Time is a human concept. It was invented by the Sumerian civilisation (c.5000 BC - c.1500 BC), or an unknown older civilisation. Time is also a mathematical concept, representing galactic orbits and distances. The Sumerian Base-60 system explains our use of 60 minutes...

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VVD spelletjes

Afgelopen vrijdag 24 november bleek de VVD consensus om met de PVV te gaan regeren plotseling verdwenen. Velen vermoeden een VVD spelletje; waarschijnlijk omdat politiek uiteindelijk (alléén) om macht gaat. De nieuwe VVD partijleider heeft hierdoor wel mijn respect...

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From Dutch anger to European anger?

Many articles claim that the 2023 Dutch general election results fit in a European trend, and will predict other forthcoming European general elections. I doubt that. If only, given the election results in Poland and Spain. In my view, the recent Dutch election...

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The Dutch anti-woke backlash

Many international articles and Dutch liberal-left articles claim that the Dutch far-right has won. Those articles are wrong. If anything, there has been a Dutch anti-woke backlash. Most of all, against the four governments headed by Mark Rutte over the period...

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Dutch explanations

Yesterday’s blog on the 2023 Dutch general election did not include any explanation. Today’s blog will. The main explanation is anger of Dutch voters towards PM Mark Rutte. Hence, all four parties that supported Rutte have lost votes: -24% (abs), -47% (rel), and -36...

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Finally: Dutch defragmentation

The most important - and overlooked - result of the 2023 Dutch General Election is a defragmentation. Small parties lost seats (-17) or even disappeared from Dutch Parliament (-2). All four government parties lost seats (-36). Left-wing parties lost seats (-14)....

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